Monica Hunken

The Night the Earth Shook
Performance with Monica Hunken & Dafa Puppet Theatre, 2020

Performers and non-performers are kindly invited to participate in a unique international theater collaboration led by NY-based artist and activist Monica Hunken, Palestinian puppeteer, musician and social worker Husam Abed (living between Amman and Prague) as well as puppeteer Réka Deák (BABU Cultural Association – Romania).
A series of performative workshops will lead to a devised site-specific outdoors performance investigating themes of mass migration and climate change. Through the transformative power of theater in public space, walls and gates should be transformed into free pathways and new spaces created to discover hope in the collective, through community celebration, dialogue and creation. 
The collaborative site-specific show that will be informed by local stories and will be interactive, musical, anti-racist and anti-fascist, will give space for audience to imagine a future when everybody walks the walk together and each step leads closer to the new world.
Singers, musicians, poets, puppeteers, dancers, artists – but also non-performers – are welcome to participate and create together.

Languages spoken: English, Arabic, Hungarian

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