Theater am Markt

What Comes After the Storm? | How Can I Tell This To My Father? / Fr 23.2.2024, 7 PM

‚What Comes After the Storm?‘ | Amidst cold water and lightning strikes, we persevere. From discomfort, insecurity and not fitting in, we dance our way through thunder to find out what life can be like after the storm. Within our self-constructed sphere, bodies once isolated seek comfort and become themselves through HRT, collective care, and movement. Taking a part of our communal space onto stage, we subvert cissexist gazes that too often unfold voyeuristically on isolated histories. After the storm, it seems, a drop is no longer alone, but performing an endless dance towards the sea.

Kristin Jackson Lerch, Xava Mikosch, and Rey Joichl are an emerging, multidisciplinary trio of transgender artists. Using dance, multilingual texts, and digital media, they combine multiple perspectives and forms of expression. They address transition processes in terms of dysphoria and exclusion as well as coming together, joy and security.

‚How Can I Tell This To My Father?‘ | When my body had just been brought into the light of the sun, it was like this: vulnerable and easy to be loved. I could effortlessly fall into slumber. But when I found myself alone with my strange thoughts, loving became tortuous. Every day, straight patterns clashed with my queer organism. My skin felt so susceptible to outside stares, that it suppressed a number of muscular activities, such as resting and letting go. Through music, transcending conventional verbal communication, I could navigate the unexplored needs and desires of my body. I longed to let my blood flow according to a stream that is not in pace with the main-stream.

Luisa Pisetta Ravanelli is a sound-based artist. She focuses on the intricacies of communication with seemingly unreachable planets (geographically, socially, chronologically), while always addressing the critical societal contexts in which she finds herself and struggles. Autobiographical archives are very present in her practice, where her intimate obsessions become the thread of tangled discourses in politically challenging environments.

Im Anschluss DJ-Set: mursal

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