Movement and Facial Expression

Workshop with Lucille Aires / Sun 2.7.2023, 2-5 pm

In this workshop Lucille centers the connection between movement and facial expression, exploring facets of dance that go beyond movement itself like ancestry, culture, freedom of expression, emotions, feelings and attitude. Dancing involves a lot of acting, it can go from expressing feelings in and through music to storytelling in choreography. The workshop offers a space to explore different music styles and their effect on our emotions, as well as how to express them in movement. The dance styles Amapiano and Female Dancehall will lead into a research of facial and physical expression, while reflecting on how these approaches can improve one’s artistic performance.

Lucille is a dancer and dance teacher of Afro Brazilian decent. She started her professional dance journey in Dublin, Ireland - a pioneer in the Dancehall Scene of Dublin, she founded the first and only Dancehall focused dance crew “World Fusion”. She now lives in Istanbul, Turkey where she has established a big dance community with a focus on both Dancehall and Afro Styles. She is the founder of “Kwetu Movement”, an international dance community, and counts students from over 50 countries since her 5 years of teaching. She is known for her energy and her care in teaching about the culture and history behind different dance forms. She has spread her unique vibes teaching workshops in many countries such as England, Spain, Brazil, Ireland, Turkey and Switzerland and she won’t stop spreading her knowledge and vision.

This workshop will be held in english, portuguese & turkish translations are possible.

Check out Lucilles work:   

Foto: Burak Üstündağ

Im Rahmen vom Hybrid Beats Festival:

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