Theater am Markt

Yet Another Day in Paradise / Dance performance / Do 23.11.2023, 19 Uhr

An island of queerness, filled with open reflections becomes the paradise in the lives of two characters. When reality does not accept you as you are, you start to create a reality of your own. And with that, a daily creative process that is happening all around you and inside of you starts, disassembles, and reorganizes focus… Back in your formative years, your relationships and confrontations with the people closest to you led to a feeling of discomfort, of not fitting in, and insecurity. We all remember how easily a simple commentary from aside can affect you: forming and developing your self-consciousness and sense of self-worth from a young age when you don’t really understand the difference between good and bad, what is intended to work only for girls, and what is strictly “boys only”. Sensitive and poignant stories are told by the bodies. Bodies seeking comfort and becoming themselves, while the surroundings still refuse to accept and agree with them.

Concept, choreography: Lukas Karvelis / Dancers: Lukas Karvelis, Benoit Couchot / Set design: Luka Žiobakaitė / Music: Gabrielė Dikčiūtė / Dramaturgy: Sigita Ivaškaitė / Lights: Edgaras Varkulevičius / Visuals: Aura Skulskytė / Producer: Be Company

The event in Vienna is organized by LT. art Vienna in cooperation with Brunnenpassage. Vienna – is a series of events that presents artists from Lithuania and their works in Vienna, and promotes artistic exchange between Austria and Lithuania.

Supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture, Stadt Wien, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Austria, Lithuanian Community in Austria.

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