Theater am Markt

Performance "Merged Carpets" by Bita Bell and Seba Kayan / Fri 29.9.2023, 8 pm

'Merged Carpets' is the weaving together of Seba Kayan's music and art concept 'Carpet Concert' and Bita Bell's solo dance Dam Noosh/DAM. They both de-orientalize their complex identities through performance & music, playfully deconstructing the relationship with and the use of carpet as a cultural signifier. In this iteration, they emotionally process social media content and work with sampling of audios from Rojava and the current revolution in Iran; giving space for a deeper embodied understanding while amplifying the feminist-led movements of Kurdish and Iranian women.

The text of the performance will be in English, Farsi, and Kurdish.

Bita Bell was born in Iran and lived in the U.S. She moved from New York City to Vienna in 2020. She works with improvisation in both dance and music while exposing, questioning, and subverting social-political matters that disrupt the joy in daily life.
Seba Kayan is a viennese DJ and artist. Her work oscillates between DJing, performances, exhibitions and curating. Her music has a forensic, political and metaphorical approach.

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