Mai Ling Soup Bath

WIEN WOCHE Closing Performance / Cooking as Ritual and Gathering / Sun 24.9.2023, 5 pm

Mai Ling Soup Bath is an immersive journey of the senses and contemplation, wherein we shall commune through a harmony of flavours, a meditative sound bath, and caress. Food has always been a sacred place of kinship, solace, care, and tenderness. Let us gather as one, sharing in the embrace of a communal repast, igniting our spirits and nourishing our collective existence. Collectively, we will brew a pot of familiar sensations and edible memoirs — an embodiment of our intertwined pasts, present pulsations, and hopes. At the end of the session, everyone is invited to share a warm meal together.

Mai Ling was founded in 2019 in Vienna. The artist collective and association Mai Ling is a platform to share experiences, struggles, and practices of anti-racism, sexism, and homophobia especially against Asian FLINT*. With the participation of the pan-asian documentation archive WANDAPANDA & TIGER by Perilla.

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