Open Soul Method with Danilo Jovanović / Mon 15.5.2023, 5-7 pm

The workshop is based on the Open Soul community concept. Open Soul is an creative method that includes working with body, language (spoken word) and movement. On stage, Open Soul emphasizes authenticity, vulnerability, curiosity and exposure while inspiring and educating participants on how they can use their bodies, language and movement as tools for self-expression. Main guidance is the idea that the stage belongs to ­everyone. This method is translating people's personal stories, experiences and emotions into theatrical language. The empowerment as the main emphasis of the workshop is not connected to the question “Why has this happened to me?” 
Rather the possible answers to the question “What can I do with it now?” are being explored.

This workshop is open to everyone interested, no prior knowledge required. 
The workshop takes place in English, but not speaking English is no barrier for participation.

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