Theater am Markt

Performance "Revelations" by UTOPIA / Fr 21.4.2023, 19 pm

A performance that helps to read the riddle of a human’s soul. Allows you to look into the hidden corners of the mind. Reveals the crisis of the person that shapes us.
Это перфоманс о всей человеческой жизни и её кризисах. Перфоманс о нас настоящих, переданный через больше через тело, чем через голос.

The UTOPIA creative team is a Ukrainian collaboration of creative people infected by the virus of art. Not only do they raise uncommon topics touching deep meanings in their plays, but they also give people an impulse for reflection and self-knowledge.
The performance will take place in russian and english language.
Stage director: Daria Nosik (@darianosik_actress)
Director: Dorian Lord
Idea Creator, Screenwriter, Sound Engineer: Yasha Shu
Sound Engineer: Alexander Ilarionov
Performers: Smagyna Elizaveta, Ekaterina Ivanysko, Paiysvit Loki, Dorian Lord

Thanks to "Bears in the Park" @bearsinthe.park for the Artist in Residency

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