Wienwoche Festival / Sat 17.9., 18-22pm / Sun 18., Mon 19. & Thu 22.9., 15-18pm / Sat 24.9., 19-22pm

Exhibition / Performances / Workshops

Exhibition & Opening times
Sat 17.9.2022, 18-22 pm
Sun 18., Mon 19. & Thu 22.9.2022, 15-18 pm
Sat 24.9.2022, 19-22.30 pm

The exhibition and performative events of Oikos consist of the artworks, that were proposed for the theme ‘Working Class Ecologies’ of Wien­woche 2022, Festival of Art and Activism. In collaboration with Brunnenpassage, Wienwoche presents a program of performances, workshops and a music set in parallel to the artworks of the show, which deal with many topics that evoke house/home and unhomely: belonging, displacement, migrant labour, destructive effects of war economy and capitalist alienation.
The Greek word Oikos, which means ‘house’, is the root of the prefix “eco-”: the common origin of ecology and economy. Nature is our home, as the translation of ecology reveals: “the study of the house”. The economy is translated as “the management of the household” in ancient Greek, however domestic and essential work is invisible, often underestimated or even excluded from the eco­nomic relations.

18-19 – Exhibition Opening: OIKOS: ‘THE HOUSE’ – Wienwoche Festival
19-19.45 – Interactive Performance: Alt.Arm.Krank.Einsam. Frau.Wien – Monika Volk
20-20.45 – Performance: Pliego Petitorio Frida Robles Ponce & Álvaro Collao
21-22 – DJ Set Yuzu

18. 19. & 22.9.2022
15-18 – Durational Performance: ­Identity – Pramila Lama

OIKOS: ‘THE HOUSE’ in cooperation with Theater am Markt
19-20 – Participatory workshop: ­Anti-Work Fair: The Deep Listening Care Manual – Aleyda Rocha*// CANCELLED
20.30-21 – Performance: Lemniskate – Shahrzad Nazarpour & Morteza Mohammadi
21.15-21.30 – Performance: On Class Matter – Sheri Avraham
21.30-22.30 – Music Set

OIKOS: ‘THE HOUSE’ in cooperation with Theater am Markt
14-15 – Participatory workshop: ­Anti-Work Fair: The Deep Listening Care Manual – Aleyda Rocha* // CANCELLED

* The workshop of Aleyda Rocha requires registration at this email until 15.9.: theantiworkfairworkshop@gmail.com

Curated by: Deniz Güvensoy
Coordinator: Gabriela Urrutia Reyes
Artists: Rawan Almukhtar, Sheri Avraham, Miriam Bajtala, Oke S. Fijal, Pramila Lama, Shahrzad Nazarpour & Morteza Mohammadi, Frida Robles Ponce & Álvaro Collao, Aleyda Rocha, Monika Volk, Anastasiya Yarovenko

A cooperation between Wien­woche and Brunnenpassage. 

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