Theater am Markt - MachinedHuman!

An interactive, performative installation that questions the existing / Fr 17.9.2021, 20 Uhr

A sensory cyborg, an enthroned instance, apparently half human and half machine is present in the space. Activated through human-interface interaction the entity reacts to the movement of the mouse and the mouse click leads to a search for the essence. Moving the heart of the entity moves the entity. The participants are invited to say a word in the ear of the machine (via an interface) which is a certain self-character-activator of the entity. The participant interacting with the entity through the mouse can develop characters by following instructions for the machine side of the instance and other participants can video-record the moving entity. The installation reflects on the emerging dominance of the machine over the human being which contradicts the artist as a human performer. The artist is convinced that in the end the human mind, and thus the human being who is the creator of the machine, will always be the superior.

Concept, Direction, Installation and part of the Entity: Jaskaran Anand
Infrastructure and programming of the technical entity: Sergio Lecuona (front-end, back-end, interface programming) with support from Wesley Lee (back-end support), Cesar Escudero Andaluz (front-end, interface development) and Jaskaran Anand (front-end, interface development)

Supported by: Interface Cultures Department, Kunst University Linz

Photo © Wesley Lee

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