Since opening its doors 2007 ArtSocialSpace Brunnenpassage operates as a laboratory and venue for transcultural and participatory art. Brunnenpassage aims to give all population groups access to contemporary art as well as to promote active participation in the arts. It is strategically located in Vienna's 16th district, at Brunnenmarkt, a market area characterized by a high percentage of socially disadvantaged residents and individuals with migration experience. More than 400 events take place annually ranging from performance and dance to music formats, exhibitions and film. The overall concept is specifically designed to foster art practice and production that allows complex and broad perspectives and thus lives up to the social plurality of society. Participatory productions emerge from the daily relationship with its surrounding in co-creation with local communities and professional artists, often in cooperation with established art and cultural institutions. Artistic quality and socio-political goals are combined to create new collective spaces for a heterogeneous audience.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzGIIexEE54

Testimonials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVyLhU1TijQ

The Brunnenpassage team speak the following languages: Turkish, Serb, Croatian, Bosnian, Spanish, Czech, Romanian, Albanian, Chinese, English, French, Dari, Persian and German.

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Brunnengasse 71/Yppenplatz
1160 Wien
Telefon: 0043 01/890 60 41
Fax: 01/890 60 41 - 50

Email: info(at)brunnenpassage.at

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