Brunnenpassage is situated in Vienna's 16th district on a busy street market called Brunnenmarkt. Its goal is to encourage people of all ages from different nationalities, and with varying socio-cultural backgrounds to engage in art projects together. Cultural variety enriches every society by highlighting different perspectives and ways of life and questioning individual as well as social preconceptions. In order to foster mutual understanding and to learn from each other we offer a wide range of activities for active participation as well as numerous performances and events. Our events are open to everyone who is interested. Participation in all events is free of charge. Feel free to drop by and take a look around. The people who come together at Brunnenpassage are usually very open-minded and interested in meeting people from other cultural backgrounds. The Brunnenpassage team speaks the following languages: Turkish, Serb, Croatian, Spanish, Russian, English, Danish, French, and German. Every month we send out an e-mail newsletter with our programme. If you would like to receive this newsletter please register on the following page: Newsletter

Below you can find a brief summary of our programme. It primarily lists those events that take place on a regular basis and where participation does not require proficiency in German.


Brunnenchor (choir)
Our choir consists of people of all ages and nationalities who rehearse every week. Participants sing, rehearse and develop a repertoire that is performed at Brunnenpassage and other locations.

Stimm Workshops (open voice- training)
People seeking to participate in our choir may start by visiting the weekly voice-training. This is an open voice-training group headed by varying professional artists. No previous knowledge or registration is required.


Saturdance (open dance workshop)
At this two-hour workshop you can try out new dance styles every Saturday. Participants don't need to have any previous dance experience; no registration is necessary.

Dance Class Youth/Adults (dance company)
Two groups of dance fans come together on Wednesdays; over the months they develop a choreography that will be performed at the end of the semester. New participants can join the groups in autumn or in March. Regular participation is desired..


Cinemarkt (cinema)
Once a month Brunnenpassage turns into a cinema. Films are shown in their original version with German subtitles; admission is free. After the screening there is an opportunity to talk about the film. Sometimes the director and/or protagonists of the film are also present.

Piknik (let´s have breakfast together)

Brunnenpassage opens its doors for a public breakfast every first Sunday of the month. Everyone brings some food that s/he would otherwise have had for breakfast at home, and Brunnenpassage provides the beverages. Piknik is a good opportunity to find out more about Brunnenpassage and to get to know others who are interested in it.

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