Exhibition and Soundscape
Do, 17.09.2020, 19:00 Uhr

“We cannot see you.”

“My power lies here.” 

The unknown, slithers towards you.

They possessed my skin. They protect, regulate and sense the delusions and the horrors of your wilting creation. My multiplicity is not for your control. 

The chaos is what you perceive.

I breathe.

I call the unknown, home.

I do not have a voice but I speak, to all those who remember.

Creaking and living upon the surface, we have emerged.

Our emotions have found a new way to infiltrate your bones.

Can you hear our echo?

We are within your networks and we nourish all roots.

We have infected you.

Welcome to AudioSlut. An intergalactic rabbit hole disguised as an online universe. We welcome you to explore our skin. In an online soundscape and visual exhibition, we will manifest the unknown and give voice to the unseen. We are coming to your home, towards your institutions. Breathing accessibility & opening gateways for all those wish to reach. 

12.9.-19.9.2020 - Online exhibition and soundscape available at www.audioslut.com

A project by Mariam Eve, with Ndidi Iroh, Legion Seven

Voranmeldung unter: www.wienwoche.org

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