Playful Bodies with Jaskaran Anand
So, 01.03.2020, 14:00 Uhr

This workshop focuses on body rhythm by combining improvisation, theatrical exercises and Bolly­wood dance. The participants will deal with expression of an emotion, the sense of touch, complex footwork, mudras (hand gestures) and groovy elements from traditional Indian dance, which are packed into a playful context. A motivating and physically oriented workshop that combines isolation exercises and coordination to express the emotionality of the body. 

Jaskaran Anand is a performer, choreographer and teacher, born in New Delhi, India and is now based in Austria. In his interdisciplinary works, he uses various artistic media, always focusing on the human body, which reflects the nature of spirituality, the psychological understanding of the self and social and political questions of the world and their interrelations.

Everyone interested is welcome to participate, no prior knowledge required.
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