Online Lecture and Artist Talk with George Ferrandi NYC
Do, 08.04.2021, 16:00 Uhr

Jump!Star is an initiative by U.S. artist George Ferrandi that unites people from all over the world to create new cultural traditions. The starting point of the project is the scientifically recognized fact that the position of the North Star will change in the future.

The talk will provide an introduction to Jump!Star's namesake Annie Jump Cannon, who is one of a selected group of women researchers known as "Harvard Computers." Annie Jump Cannon classified more stars than any human before. George Ferrandi will provide some background on Cannon's life, her work, and the Vienna-based project Jump!Star Simmering, which took place in 2020.

This will be followed by a Q&A with the artists and participants involved in Jump!Star Simmering and an insight into 21 Days Listening Out Loud & ­Dreaming Wildly, a virtual space that was openly accessible during the first lock-down last year.

The presentation will be held in English.
Registration: info(at)

A comprehensive documentation of Jump!Star Simmering is on display until the end of April 2021 at the Weltmuseum Wien.

JUMP!STAR-Team: Karin Cheng, Teresa Distelberger, Zuzana Ernst, George Ferrandi, Bianca Figl, Anna Gaberscik, Melika Ramic, Futurelove Sibanda, Mario Sinnhofer Aka Touched

JUMP!STAR Simmering is a production of Brunnenpassage in cooperation with the Weltmuseum Wien and the U.S. artist George Ferrandi. Supported by SHIFT.





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