A Punch Below the Belt
Do, 20.09.2018, 18:00 Uhr

Wrestling Religious Homophobia in the African Diaspora
Performative discussion

Are you LGBTIQ+ and welcomed by your community of origin as well as the majority of society with open arms? That’s fabulous! Often,

however, the opposite is the case: in the diaspora community, coming out is almost impossible. As much as in overall society, structural racism is also ever present in the LGBTIQ+ scene. This will be combatted in a live fight during WIENWOCHE. Four pillars connected with ropes simulate the wrestling ring where fighting for a society without homophobia and racism will take place. This evening is not solely aimed at the African diaspora but also Vienna’s LGBTIQ+ scene will be sounded out for any racist structures within. The event takes place in English.
Afro Rainbow Austria (ARA) is the first organisation by and for LGBTIQ+ migrants from Africa in Austria.

Concept and direction: Leni Wiebach and Henrie Dennis for Afro Rainbow Austria
Performative discussion: Ishmael Omumbwa Ondunyi, Reverend Jide Macaulay, Henrie Dennis, Patrick Bongola, Djamila C.A. Grandits

Graphic design: LIGA: graphic design

A project by Afro Rainbow Austria (ARA) within the framework of WIENWOCHE 2018.


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