My Jihad - Monodrama by Jihad Al-khatib
Sa, 03.02.2018, 19:00 Uhr

The story of a young man who was born in Saudi Arabia and moved to Palestine at the age of 10. In the summer 2015 he came to Austria, at the same time when thousands of refugees from Syria and Iraq came to Austria as well, because of the war. Because of the bad reputation of the word Jihad in the Western world, Jihad faced many challenges in the Austrian community.

„We are the name we carry, but we are not responsible if somebody uses it in a wrong way. We will go on a journey with Jihad on stage…“

After the performance an artist talk will take place.

Script and acting by: Jihad Al-khatib
Dramatic script editor and directing by: Bayan Shbib
A guest play in cooperation with kültüř gemma!


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