Performance by Peter Chand
Fr, 11.04.2014, 20:00 Uhr

Renowned British Indian storyteller Peter Chand was specially commissioned to research, create and perform a unique set of stories, which were Indian variants of tales collected by the Grimm brothers.
It is widely believed that many of these stories have their origins in the East, having reached Europe through traders, Gypsies, migrant workers, and those who just loved a good story! The result is a truly vibrant, thoughtful and at times dark collection of stories, which places a sheesha (mirror) to the stories which are known here. Whether it’s an Indian version of The Frog Prince, Cinderella, or Hansel and Gretel, Peter Chand’s telling will make you look at these stories in a completely new light! Peter Chand is a hugely accomplished storyteller who has shared his stories across the length and breadth of Britain, and also in Greece, Norway, India, Canada, Denmark, and Singapore amongst other places.


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